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What is SEAtown CrossFit?

Located just north of Seattle near Greenlake and Greenwood, we are one of Seattle's premiere CrossFit gyms, offering personalized results-oriented CrossFit fitness training in a fun, energetic group atmosphere!

CrossFit combines elements from gymnastics, calisthenics, plyometrics, olympic weightlifting, kettlebell training, and endurance training to create a unique fitness program that can deliver remarkable results.

We distinguish ourselves with professional coaching emphasizing strong technique and form. The atmosphere is both focused and exciting-- participants cheer each other on and engage in friendly competition while taking their fitness to new levels. Our members will tell you they're in the best shape of their lives!

Class Times

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Monday through Friday
6:00am - CrossFit
7:00am - CrossFit
9:00am - CrossFit

4:30pm - Open Gym
5:30pm - CrossFit (Wed: Weightlifting)
6:30pm - CrossFit* (Thu: Endurance)
(*no 6:30pm class Fridays)

9:00am - CrossFit
10:00am - Team Class (90 mins)
11:00am - Open Gym

9:00am - CrossFit
10:00am - Open Gym

Specialty classes

Olympic Lifting
Wed 5:30pm

CrossFit Endurance
Thu 6:30pm


Open Gym Hours

Self-directed workouts; coach will be on-site.

Monday through Friday